Image of a gold medal with the text "Go for the Gold Read!" in blue and red letters next to it.
Go for the Gold. Read!
Excited for the Summer Games? Pick up one of these books about summer sports to gear up for the Olympics!
Book Club Best Bets. Six book covers: "The Waters," "Memory Piece," "Just for the Summer," "How to End a Love Story," "Amazing Grace Adams," and "Redwood Court.
Book Club Best Bets
Having a difficult time picking a title for your book club? We’ve got you covered with our book club best bets!
A dragon with red wings flies through a cloudy sky above a dark, scenic landscape.
For Fans of House of the Dragon
If you enjoy watching this television series, you may enjoy these fantasy tales featuring dragons of all types.
A woman with a prosthetic leg sits on a chair with her dog, with text promoting Disability Pride Month films.
Films for Disability Pride Month
Established in recognition of the Americans with Disabilities Act, #DisabilitiesPrideMonth is celebrated each July to honor the stories of those living with…
Happy 4th of July" with red, white, and blue fireworks and stars, and "Celebrate with These Books" on a blue background.
Independence Day Reads
Happy 4th of July! Celebrate your independence with these books for adults, teens, and kids!
White pause button and black comma against bright yellow background.
2024 Women’s Prize for Fiction
The Women’s Prize for Fiction is one of the most successful, influential and popular literary prizes in the world, championing and amplifying…
Make Paper Maché Animal Masks
Creative Director Katrina Wheeler, skilled artist and paper maché enthusiast, transform ordinary household paper into charming rabbit, bear, and fox masks. Discover…
Aerial view of cars driving on a winding road through dense, green forest.
Summer Travel
Fast-paced audiobooks to make your road trip fly by.
Wool Felting: Make a Floral Crown
Capture the vibrance of spring and summer flowers and make a lush, felted floral crown. Melissa of Hex House Crowns is a…
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