Automatic Holds
Don’t miss a new release! Select up to ten popular authors you’d like to automatically receive holds for. When we purchase new books by those authors, we’ll automatically put you on hold for it.
Can’t Find It?
Though we are member of a network of 100 libraries, we couldn’t possibly own every book ever written or movie made. If we do not own an item you desire, we can extend our search outside of our network to borrow from other libraries across the country.
Explore More Illinois
Explore More Illinois provides instant online access to free and discounted tickets to museums, science centers, sporting events, zoos, park districts, theatres, and other fun and local cultural venues.
Library Cards
Library cards are free for residents of Glendale Heights or Glen Ellyn Countryside and provide you with access to library materials, as well as our online/electronic resources.
Loan Periods
We are fine free! We want all people to be able to use our resources, rather than worry about whether or not they owe a fine. That said, each item will still have a due date, and you are still responsible for honoring the due date.
Museum Passes
Let the adventure begin! Use your library card to receive a Museum Adventure Pass, and get free admission or a special discount, depending on location, at 20+ Chicago-area museums.
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