$0per page
  • B&W 1-50: free
  • B&W 51+: $0.10
  • Color 1-50: $0.10
  • Color 51+: $0.30
$0per page
  • Save to USB
  • Save to Drive
  • Send to email
  • Send to printer
$0per page
  • Outbound only
  • U.S. & Canada
  • International
  • E-confirmation

All 58 public access computers in the library are connected to printers through print release stations. There is one release station in the Adult Services department and another in the Youth Services department. You can pick up your print jobs at any release station, regardless of the location of the computer you are using.

Wireless Printing (NEW)

In addition to printing from our public access computers, library users are able to print from their own devices using one of the methods below. Please note that there is a 50 page limit.


A color copier is located in the Adult Services department and is capable of reproducing letter, legal and tabloid paper sizes. Depending on the size and scope of your project, library staff may direct you to a Simple Scan station instead.


Our Simple Scan stations easily accommodate documents up to 11” x 17” and allow you to send files to a USB flash drive, smartphone, Google Drive, email, and more. Scanned documents may saved in several file formats including PDF (searchable), Word (editable), JPEG, TIFF, and PNG. Better yet, Simple Scan stations can auto-crop, auto-straighten, and auto-orient your documents.


Send local and long-distance faxes with our Simple Scan stations. If you do not have a cover page, you can use the touchscreen to create one. Enter your email address, so that you can feel confident that the fax has gone through (receipt) and that it has been received (confirmation).