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  • Best Young Adult Books of 2012

    As much as I try, I cannot read every young adult novel published in a year. These are my favorite books from all the books published within the past twelve months that I have read.  Books are listed in alphabetical order by title. I will do my best not to spoil things. However, some of the books are sequels, and I assume some knowledge of previous books.



  • New Series by Favorite YA Authors

    The first books in new series by these popular authors are now on order. Place your hold today.

    Crash by Lisa McMann

    Crash by Lisa McMann

  • Movie Review of Breaking Dawn Part 2

    Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

    The Young Adult Librarian and two other librarians saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 on opening day. We all agreed that it was the best installment in the series, and that the special effects have improved since the first movie.

  • Spotlight on School Elections

    In honor of electon day, here are three teen titles about school elections:

  • Setting Spotlight: St. Louis

    The Young Adult Literature Symposium takes place this weekend in St. Louis. Your young adult librarian will join other teen librarians from across the United States to learn about trends in young adult literature.

    Here are some young adult novels set in St. Louis:

  • New Zombie Titles in Young Adult

    In honor of tonight's Zombie Lock-In, here are four recent zombie titles in the teen fiction section of the library.

  • Teens' Top Ten Results - The Nation vs. Glenside

    The Young Adult Library Services Association announced the winners of the Teens' Top Ten this morning. Teens from across the country and in other countries voted for their favorite books. Last Thursday, teens had the opportunity to vote after school at the library.  The results may suprise as the official winner did not even make it into Glenside's top ten.