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  • Are you a fan of Charlie Brown?

     The Museum of Science and Industry is presenting a special display Charlie Brown and the Great Exhibit celebrating the nearly 50 years that Charles Schulz created the famous cartoon.  The exhibit has interactive Peanuts-related activities throughout it, making it suitable for all ages.  This unique program celebrating the life and work of this creative genius will run through February 18, 2013.

  • Winter's mysteries

    If you miss the snow that usually blankets Chicago this time of year, pull on your snow boots and try to solve one of these wintery crimes.

  • Emotions and Eating Program


    Make your New Year’s resolutions count! Holistic Life coach Teresa McGrath will present the tools needed to manage lifestyle culinary habits on Tuesday, January 8 at 7 P.M. - MA See Adult Services to sign up or call 630-260-1550 for any questions or register online at


  • Party like it's 2013!

    New Year's Eve is the biggest party night of the year.  Check out these party books and movies for the big night...or any special occasion in  2013.

  • If you enjoyed the TV show Amen then you may like....

    Quiet reflection and prayer aren't the only things that happen at religious services. As preachers and the faithful can tell you, some of life's funniest moments pop up in the place least expected--church! It Happened in Church: Stories of Humor from the Pulpit to the Pews brings together a collection of these most laugh-worthy accounts. From a churchgoer doing the limbo under a velvet rope to get to his pew, to congregation members stumbling blindly back to their seats after a preacher stomped on their glasses (you have to believe in the miracle of healing for it to work!), these stories will both tickle the funny bone and inspire the soul. Gathered from the friends, family, and personal experiences of Patti Webster, a third generation Christian leader, each story is topped off with scripture and reflection. You'll also find comic breaks and anecdotes from your favorite celebrities. As the stories show, humor really does have the power to heal and to teach. It Happened in Church is sure to bring both fits of laughter and bouts of clarity.Summary source:
    Using relevant stories and characters from Scripture, insights and teachings from the lives of he saints, spiritual writings, and personal experiences, the author explores the place of joy, humor, and laughter in the spiritual life.
    Tim Wilson, stand-up comedian and singer
    John and Jeremy are single guys in their mid-30s who mediate divorces in D.C. Their summer social life consists of wedding crashing in order to meet young women for a one-night stand. As John thinks about growing up, Jeremy convinces him to go to one more wedding, this one is for the daughter of the Treasury Secretary. Each catches the eye of a bridesmaid, who happen to be daughters of the host. Jeremy quickly scores with Gloria, who proves to be a psycho clinger. John, on the other hand, wants real romance with Claire, but she has a boyfriend. Now John needs to convince Jeremy to stick around long enough so he can woo Claire. John has one more problem to deal with -- telling Claire the truth about himself before someone else does.
    An unlikely love story develops when a cynical, big-city columnist comes to a small town to cover the story of Maggie Carpenter, a bride who's left men at the altar several times.
    When Aaron's father dies, he must organize the funeral and give the eulogy. Keeping things civil is a problem right from the start when the undertaker makes a horrifying mistake. Then his brother, Ryan wants to be in the spotlight and refuses to pay for anything. But this is nothing compared to information received from a mysterious dwarf at the funeral who exposes way too many family secrets.
    A small Georgia town has fallen on hard times and is counting on the church choir to lift everyone's spirits by winning the national Joyful Noise Competition. But discord between the two leading ladies threatens to tear everything apart when Vi Rose plans to stick with a traditional style, while fiery G.G. wants to shake things up in a big way! - MA


  • Impossible Read-alikes and Watch-alikes

    Impossible, a film starring Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor, follows one family as they experience and survive the 2004 tsunami. For more information on tsunamis and stories on and surviving natural catastrophes, check out the following materials:

  • Christmas movies

    Like a nice Christmas movie? Funny? Schmaltzy? Heart-wrenching? Try one of these:

    Christmas carol movie


  • Hobbitses is coming. Yes they is, my precioussss

    In two days, Peter Jackson's monumental The Hobbit...part 1 arrives on your local movie screens. If you're completely disgusted by the naked cash grab that Jackson and the studio are perpetuating by dividing a 300-odd page children's book into three lo-o-o-ong feature films, here are some other suggestions for  you to get your fantasy fix. Heck, even if you can't wait for 8 hours or so of Hobbiting over the next two years, we still recommend these:

  • Decorate a Gingerbread House program is filled

    The  Decorate a Gingerbread House with Chef Rosemary Deenen scheduled on Wednesday, December 5 is filled. Any questions please contact Adult Services. - MA