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  • If you enjoyed the TV show Hot in Cleveland then you may like....

    "When Grace Emerson's ex-fiance starts dating her younger sister, extreme measures are called for. To keep everyone from obsessing about her love life, Grace announces that she's seeing someone. Someone wonderful. Someone handsome. Someone completely made up. Who is this Mr. Right? Someone, exactly unlike her renegade neighbor Callahan O'Shea. Well, someone with his looks maybe. His hot body. His knife-sharp sense of humor. His smarts and big heart. Whoa. No. Callahan O'Shea is not her perfect man! Not with his unsavory past. So why does Mr. Wrong feel so...right?"
    In this must-have short-story anthology, Jennifer Weiner revisits one of her Good in Bed characters (and tells the story from, ahem, his point of view), Jill A. Davis (Girls' Poker Night) offers a darkly humorous take on starting over in New York and working with "the Elizabeths," Sarah Miynowski (Milkrun) tempts fate (and an on-again-off-again boyfriend) and Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez (The Dirty Girls Social Club) considers how different the words lady and woman are when paired with cat. Girls' Night In features stories about growing up, growing out of, moving out, moving on, falling apart and getting it all together. So turn off your cell phone and curl up on the couch; this is one Girls' Night In you won't want to miss.
    In her 57th bestselling novel, Danielle Steel brilliantly chronicles the roller-coaster ride of dating the second time around—and tells a captivating story of the surprises one woman encounters when she’s thrust into the terrifying, exhilarating world of the Dating Game.
    At thirty, Grace O'Bryan has dated every loser in Daytona Beach. After the ultimate date-from-hell, Grace decides to turn her dwindling book club into a Boyfriend of the Month Club, where women can discuss the eligible men in their community. Where are the real life twenty-first century versions of literary heroes such as Heathcliff and Mr. Darcy? Could it be successful and handsome Brandon Farrell, who is willing to overlook his disastrous first date with Grace and offers financial help for her parents' failing Florida gift shop? Or maybe sexy dentist Joe Rosenblum, who's great with a smile but not so great at commitment? Unfortunately, like books, men cannot always be judged by their covers.
    When Pearl Richland inherits her aunt's 1950s motel she returns to her roots. Tired of the big city, she's ready for small town life, especially when sexy cowboy Wil Marshall comes in to escape an ice storm. Pearl never thought she'd turn in her high heels and start dating a cowboy, but Wil's got an awful lot to offer if a girl's available for a whole lot of fun, sizzle, and unexpected trouble.
    Father's Day: Robin Masterson's ten-year-old son, Jeff, figures he needs a dog more than anything in the world. And there just happens to be one right next door! But the friendly black Lab belongs to Cole Camden, the "unfriendliest" man in the neighborhood. Still, Jeff persists...and soon his mom and Cole are looking at each other in a whole new way.
    The courtship of Carol Sommars: Peter Sommars is fifteen, and what he needs is a little more independence. Which is why he'd like his mom, Carol, to start dating. He even knows the perfect man--Alex Preston, his best friend's dad. As it turns out, Alex is interested, but Carol's doing everything she can to sidestep his pursuit. Which only makes Alex--and the boys--more determined!
    A glamorous fish-out-of-water first novel, Paris Hangover stars Klein, a just-escaped New Yorker with trunk-fulls of fabulous footwear but without the significant relationship she'd really expected and longed to have by now, in her mid-thirties. Fleeing a live-in lover and their sleek Tribeca triplex as well as a career in fashion, Klein stars over in Paris-in a tiny walk-up in the 6th that she had to lie (in broken Franglais) and write a bad check to get, only to discover that, among other things, Parisian apartments don't come with kitchens.
    Living out of her ten piece of (Louis Vuitton, natch) luggage, Klein plunges into the mysterious world of French men and dating. She muddles her way through: the sexy Renaud, the prototypical Frenchman; dating three men named Jean simultaneously; and one completely wrong Monsieur Married Man, who wants Klein for his very well-kept mistress.
    Set against a backdrop of knowing references to Paris and its unique manners and mores, Paris Hangover is ultimately a very satisfying modern romance as Klein falls-- possibly permanently--for the least likely man to catch her eye.
    Jodi and Jill Spingold are the Spinster Sisters. With a radio show, speaking engagements, DVDs, and two bestselling books, they've built a thriving cottage industry helping other single women find happiness. Their futures have never been brighter-until Jill turns out the lights on Jodi by announcing her engagement.

    Jodi is stunned. How can they be the Spinster Sisters if one of them is married? Complicating things is her own love life, involving three vastly different paramours offering three different kinds of happiness-none of which Jodi is sure she wants. And her ex-husband, backed by his lawyer girlfriend, may be angling for a piece of the Spinster Sisters empire.

    Now, Jodi must make some tough decisions, keep the business afloat, and get to the altar to stand by her sister-even if means that from now on she'll be single all by herself.

    In the city that never sleeps, love is always on the mind. Those passions come together as they create a kaleidoscope of the spontaneous, surprising, electrifying human connections that pump the city's heartbeat. Sexy, funny, haunting and revealing encounters unfold beneath the Manhattan skyline. From Tribeca to Central Park to Brooklyn, the story weaves a tale of love as diverse as the very fabric of New York itself. A collection of 10 different love stories.
    The outrageously funny comedy that asks: can nineteen wrongs make Mr. Right? When Ally Darling reads an article that leads her to believe she's going to be alone forever, she begins a wild search to find the best 'ex' of her life. But Ally's quest to reconnect with her former lovers goes hilariously awry, from a puppeteer who's more wooden than his puppet to a gynecologist with a 'spotty' memory. Through it all, Ally might just find the man of her dreams in the last place she ever expected. - MA


  • Read the whole series

    Currently, in the library, we're displaying the first books in series. If you like SF or fantasy, here are some complete series available for checkout. Most are in print, although we may have digital download copies of some titles.

    Cold Days

    The Dresden Files

    Jim Butcher's wildly popular stories of Chicago private investigator and wizard, Harry Dresden. Start with Storm Front. The latest book in the series is Cold Days.

    Chronicles of the Black Company

    The Black Company

    The story of some 40 years in the life of an elite military company. The library owns the 10 books in this epic dark fantasy series complete in 4 omnibus volumes.

    Red Mars

    The Mars Trilogy

    A classic of hard science fiction, Kim Stanley Robinson's trilogy combines superbly believable science and great storytelling to chronicle the first human settlements and terraforming of Mars.

    Dreaming Void

    The Void Trilogy

    A far future space opera, set in Hamilton's Commonwealth universe. A compelling story of advanced humanity and its all too familiar need to find meaning in existence.

    Crippled God

    Malazan Book of the Fallen

    Gritty, superb dark fantasy by Steven Erikson. Book 1 is Gardens of the Moon. The 10th and final volume is The Crippled God. For a quick entry into the Malazan landscape, try the non-series novel Crack'd Pot Trail.


  • Rock of Pages

    On this day in Rock History (January 29th):  In 1967, Jimi Hendrix and The Who appeared at The Saville Theatre, London, England. 20 year-old future Queen guitarist Brian May was in the audience.  Also, in 1977, Aerosmith's “Walk This Way” becomes a Top 10 single.  (The song is inspired by a line in Mel Brooks’ comedy Young Frankenstein.)  Our Rocker Biographies have some pretty wild stories to tell.....

  • An afternoon with Jane Austen

    Pride and Prejudice celebrates it's 200th birthday on Monday January 28th.  Make yourself a nice cup of tea and spend a relaxing afternoon with Jane Austen.  Here are some biographies, novels, and films for you to enjoy.

  • Great mysteries

    Are you looking for a great mystery?  Every year the Mystery Writers of America honors the best mystery fiction, non-fiction, and television with its Edgar Allan Poe Awards.  The 2013 nominees for Best Novel are:

  • February Bestsellers

    February bestsellers will hit the shelves soon.  Place your holds on these popular titles now.

  • The Intercept by Dick Wolf

    From the creator of Law & Order, The Intercept is the first in a series following Jeremy Fisk, a detective in NYPD’s Intelligence Division tasked with fighting terrorism in the Big Apple.  A few days before the Fourth of July dedication of One World Trade Center at 9/11’s Ground Zero, an attempted flight hijacking is foiled by passengers who become heroes and honorees at the weekend’s patriotic festivities. As Fisk and his fellow cop/secret love interest Krina Gerston follow up all the leads of the investigation, they become convinced that the hijacking was just the beginning. Multiple points of view bring the reader into the heads of both good guys and bad. Wolf develops most characters pretty well, but hopefully we will get to know leading man Fisk a bit better in the next entry. Quickly paced with lots of surprises, this book will appeal to fans of adrenaline fiction and spy thrillers.


  • Book to movie, Best picture nominees

    Several of the Academy Award best picture nominees were based on books.  Read the book before you see the movie!

  • Weekend Movie Sat January 19 @ 2 PM

    See the 2012 rated R thriller movie starring Richard Gere and Susan Sarandon on Saturday, January 19 at 2 P.M.

    A troubled hedge fund magnate desperate to complete the sale of his trading empire makes an error that forces him to turn to an unlikely person for help. Walk-ins are welcome! - MA

    See Adult Services to sign up or call 630-260-1550 for any questions or register online at


  • Ripper Street on BBC America

    BBC America’s new crime drama Ripper Street focuses on London’s East End shortly following the unsolved Jack the Ripper murders. Inspector Reid (Matthew Macfadyen), one of the lead detectives in the case, believes he will one day solve the crime. Reid is assisted by Sergeant Drake (Jerome Flynn), his fiercely loyal