Stories of the Season: Spring

From tweeting birds to blooming flowers, these stories take place during springtime.

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Hooray for Spring! by Kazuo Iwamura

When they find a hungry baby chick while exploring the woods, cute squirrel siblings Mick, Mack and Molly wonder what to feed it, in this endearing book to welcome spring.

Poetree by Shauna LaVoy Reynolds

A shy girl celebrates winter’s end by writing a poem to a tree and is surprised when the tree writes back.

A Book of Babies by Il Sung Na

The creator of Snow Rabbit, Spring Rabbit presents a sumptuously illustrated, lyrical story about a group of baby animals, from noisy ducklings to bubbling fish, who explore their habitats on the first day of life.

Cooking with Bear by Deborah Hodge

Bear and Fox gather a variety of foods from the forest, then Bear shares his recipes with Fox, as Bear and Fox prepare a feast to share with each other and with their forest friends.

Finding Spring by Carin Berger

Reluctant to sleep through a long hibernation season, a bear cub leaves his warm den and asks his friends to help him search for the elusive Spring before discovering a beautiful, mysterious snowball and hurrying home to show it to his mother.

Dormouse Dreams by Karma Wilson

Hibernating his way through the winter, Dormouse dreams of fantastical adventures with his best friend while the animals who are not asleep patiently amuse themselves with sports and games until the spring season arrives.

When Spring Comes to the DMZ by Uk-Bae Lee

Grandfather returns each year to the demilitarized zone, the barrier–and accidental nature preserve–that separates families that live in North and South Korea.

Hush, Little Bunny by David Ezra Stein

Reimagining the classic lullaby “Hush, Little Baby,” this snuggly bedtime story, now in board book format, follows a papa bunny and his little one.

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