Sew a Heating Pad

Author, illustrator, and sewist Sanae Ishida is a maker of many things. In this class, she guides you through sewing a cozy heating pad with rice filling. This project is based on the heating pad from Sanae’s book Sewing Happiness, and she designed this larger version to be able to wrap around your neck, shoulders, abdomen, and wherever you need some soothing warmth. This is a quick and easy project – no pattern necessary. Learn how to measure and cut your fabric, sew straight lines with a sewing machine, create channels in the heating pad to ensure the filling remains evenly distributed, and finish the project with hand-sewing. Bear in mind that due to the amount of rice filling, this neck warmer is fairly weighty. It’s a comforting weightiness, though, and with a few drops of soothing essential oils and a minute or two in the microwave, you’ll create your own spa experience. Finished measurements are approximately 36″ x 6″.

Access the class beginning February 22nd

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