School Supplies Drive

We’ve partnered with State Rep. Deb Conroy for a School Supply Drive. Our mission is to send lower-income children to school with confidence! A new backpack and supplies gives children in struggling families the right head start. Look for the collection bin in our lobby and donate by Mon, 08/15.

Imagine a youngster starting the school year without a new backpack or even primary school supplies. With the ongoing pandemic, high unemployment, and more than 30 million students enrolled in the free and reduced meal programs, many parents are unable to provide the basic school supplies their children need to be effective. In addition, schools across the country are facing severe budget cuts and lack the funding to purchase necessary supplies. They need your help to start the year with confidence and the essential school supplies.

School Supplies Impact Student Learning

Education is a potent tool for empowering students’ success and paving the way for bright futures. Many people point to the need for good teachers and increased funding to make this happen. However, budgets do not matter if it does not translate to pencils and paper that students can use. Furthermore, inventive teachers are powerless if their students do not have the supplies to work. If you want to help schools realize the classroom’s potential to help students grow, read this guide about how school supplies impact student learning.

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