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Wow! I just took a look at the extensive list of magazine titles available on Overdrive! They have all of my favorites and some that I think are going to become my new favorites! So far I’ve found; Backpacker, Outside, VegNews Magazine, Yoga Journal, go!, Reader’s Digest, Vegan Food & Living, Planet Mindful, I could go on and on. Being able to check these titles out on my devices will make it so convenient to read them whenever and wherever! I love the library and all that it has to offer!

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I am so excited to read magazines that I used to actually enjoy print subscriptions.

I really like travel and outdoor magazines. I am looking forward to the issue of Backpacker magazine. I need to know 99 essential hiking skills!

I also garden and cook in my spare time, as well as hobby farm. There were 208 titles under the Garden and Home subject search! Just scrolling through the titles in February makes me excited for spring.

Another note about this new resource is that there are magazines from other countries. Use the Language filter on the left side of the screen to see the different language offerings.

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This Old House: I don’t even own a house, but this is the OG DIY fixer-upper show. I love the magazine as well. They have beautiful homes and renovations, projects and tips for anything from installing kitchen tile to fixing drafty windows.

People Magazine: Nobody does celebrity news like People. Nobody. I love People but their subscription cost is a bit too rich for my taste. I like to flip through it when I can get my hands on the library’s copy. (Hint, hint, you can place a hold on issues in our catalog.)

Mental Floss: Now defunct, Mental Floss Magazine was filled with trivia knowledge, how-it-came-to-be stories, and other fun and obscure facts. They still post articles online at mentalfloss.com.

Harvard Business Review: I love the articles in this magazine. Learning about the latest research and anecdotes on organizational culture and insight on leadership, influence, productivity, etc. Just a great magazine.

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While I’d love to be known as a chef with mad skills, I have to settle for indulging my inner chef by perusing Bon Appetit’s amazing food photography and recipes. I am a traveler, but lux stays aren’t my thing. Wanderlust magazine has offerings for the adventurer, beach goer, and road-tripper. Don’t let the title, The Economist fool you; this weekly magazine covers world events with engaging pieces that make you feel smarter after reading.

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My favorite magazines in the new Libby-based service are The New Yorker and The Week. The New Yorker is a left-leaning, highly factual, eclectic weekly with articles that come up in my newsfeeds all the time–but there’s a paywall once you’ve read a certain number of articles in a month. Luckily I can access all the issues for free through Libby! Libby describes The New Yorker as receiving “more National Magazine Awards than any other magazine, for its ground-breaking reporting, authoritative analysis, and creative inspiration.” The New Yorker is around 80 pages, and does have lots of ads.

The Week collects left-leaning articles from credible sources such as the Associated Press, Bloomberg, Reuters, The Hill, New York Times, and The Nation. The mostly 1-page articles are grouped into sections such as News and Opinion, Science and Technology, Arts, Leisure, Business and “5 Things you need to know”, which is a summary of the top 5 news stories of the day. Libby says “The Week makes sense of the news by curating the best of US and international media into a succinct, lively digest.” The magazine is about 40 pages with very few ads. There is a UK edition as well.

Besides these two specific magazines, I could browse the food magazines for hours! Food Network, Clean Eating, Bon Appetit, Cooks Country, Taste of Home, Bake From Scratch, Taste of the South… there are loads of titles to choose from, and all the back issues are available too!

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