Noirvember 2023

Venture down dark alleys with on-screen detectives during Kanopy’s #Noirvember: A month-long film noir festival. See some of the most scandalous films from the Golden Age of Hollywood, plus modern works inspired by these dark cinematic subjects, at

Jason Tyrrell
Kanopy General Manager
 He Walked by Night
(1948) on IMDb

He Walked By Night

Set in Post-World War II Los Angeles, a criminal shoots and kills a police officer in the middle of the night. Without any leads, the chief of the LAPD assigns Sgt. Chuck Jones and Sgt. Marty Brennan to investigate the murder and apprehend the culprits.

 Kansas City Confidential
(1952) on IMDb

Kansas City Confidential

In this noir-thriller, three convicts are contracted by a mysterious benefactor to pull a bank heist. The four men, having worn masks during the crime, are complete strangers and are anonymous to one another, but plan to meet up in Mexico to divvy up the loot.

The Stranger (1946) on IMDb

The Stranger

Edward G. Robinson stars as Wilson, a government agent who tracks down a high-ranking Nazi officer (Orson Welles) who has managed to craft a new identity for himself in a quaint Connecticut town, marrying the daughter (Loretta Young) of a local judge.

Woman on the Run (1950) on IMDb

Woman on the Run

Join the wild chase around San Francisco as a man goes into hiding after witnessing a gangland execution. Police bird-dog his wife Eleanor (Ann Sheridan), certain she’ll lead them to her husband, whose testimony against the killer could bring down a crime kingpin. But Eleanor and her hubbie are Splitsville—she never wants to see him again. When roguish newspaperman Danny Leggett (Dennis O’Keefe) charms Eleanor into helping him track down the hidden husband—there are unexpected, stunning, and poignant results.

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