New Year’s Resolutions

Make this the year that you stay committed to your New Year’s resolution. Kanopy has curated a collection of outstanding documentaries and instructional films to help you along the way. Visit to learn more and to get inspired. #NewYearsResolutions

Kevin Sayar
Kanopy CEO
 New Workout
(1985) on IMDb

Jane Fonda’s New Workout

A  follow-up to the original Jane Fonda’s Workout, the top selling VHS tape of all time, and offers variety and new movements. It contains a 35-minute Beginners program and a 55-minute Advanced program. Both will give you a total body workout.

Max Milligan – The Beginner’s Guide To Professional Guitar

This entertaining and informative program is the ideal starter pack for the complete beginner taught by Guitar Magazine writer and Guitar Institute (London) instructor Max Milligan. Designed to be viewed in sections that you can master as you learn and progress, you can also watch the entire program to review the many subjects covered. Practice each day for at least twenty minutes and you’ll soon see the results.

 The Longevity Film
(2019) on IMDb

The Longevity Film

Kale Brock visits communities with improved life expectancies, low rates of disease and an extremely high quality of life well into the later years, for a deep dive into longevity culture and what it really takes to get well and stay well.
 The Mindfulness Movement
(2020) on IMDb

The Mindfulness Movement

Profiles the growing number of people who believe mindfulness – a peaceful quality of attention developed by focusing on the present moment in a non-judgmental way – can create a healthier, happier world.

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