Make a Ribbon Quilt Top

Ribbon quilts are a traditional quilt form that stack up layers upon layers of fabric strips. Each quilt evolves on its own, and no two are the same. Join award-winning quilter Sarah Bond as she guides you through her process of composing a vibrant and dynamic ribbon quilt, which is not about following a pattern but about playing with color and composition. One of the most frequent questions that Sarah gets from students is “How do you know how to combine colors and fabrics?” Part of the answer is instinct, part of it is experience, and Sarah talks you through value, hue, saturation, contrast, and audtioning fabrics side by side. Strip piece fabric strips to create new fabric constructions, then cut them up and reassemble to make your quilt top. In this class, Sarah encourages you to focus on using solid fabrics without the distraction of print or texture. You may assume that solids are too boring or too simple to make a vibrant quilt, but you’ll discover out how truly exciting a ribbon quilt can be.

Access the class beginning December 27th

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