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A cemetery scene with fog and tombstones promoting Fright Fest: Horror Films for Halloween on Kanopy. #KanopyFrightFest.

As the witches and warlocks prepare for Halloween, we’re excited to share Kanopy’s annual Fright Fest collection, a beastly batch of cursed – er, curated films sure to make you scream. Visit for all the horror you can handle.

Cartoon character of a smiling man with brown hair, wearing a black suit and purple tie.
Jason Tyrrell
Kanopy General Manager
A woman with blonde hair stands in front of a dark doorway. Text: "Carnival of Souls" and cast details appear on the image.
Carnival of Souls (1962) on IMDb

Carnival of Souls

In this surrealist cult-classic, Mary Henry (Candace Hilligoss) mysteriously survives a car wreck. In an effort to put this traumatizing incident behind her, Mary moves to Utah where she takes on a job as a church organist. However, her fresh new start is interrupted by the haunting, relentless presence of a strange man (Herk Harvey) who seems to follow where ever she goes. As her sightings of the man increase, she finds herself drawn to the dilapidated carnival on the outskirts of town. It isn’t long before she discovers the terrifying secrets it holds…

Colorful "Ganja & Hess" movie poster featuring abstract designs and film production credits.
Ganja & Hess (1973) on IMDb

Ganja & Hess

Duane Jones (Night of the Living Dead) stars as anthropologist Hess Green, who is stabbed with an ancient ceremonial dagger by his unstable assistant, endowing him with the blessing of immortality, and the curse of an unquenchable thirst for blood. When the assistant’s beautiful and outspoken wife Ganja (Marlene Clark) comes searching for her vanished husband, she and Hess form an unexpected partnership. Together, they explore just how much power there is in the blood.

Vintage horror movie poster for "House on Haunted Hill" featuring eerie figures, a skeleton, and a haunted mansion.
 House on Haunted Hill
(1959) on IMDb

House on Haunted Hill

A true classic of suspense, this spooky, campy tale tells the story of five strangers who are offered $10,000 each by an eccentric millionaire to spend the night in a haunted house. As the night develops, it becomes clear that these strangers’ selection was no accident–and a few have some diabolical schemes of their own!

Black and white movie poster with two men in caps, a lighthouse between them, and the text "The Lighthouse.
The Lighthouse (2019) on IMDb

The Lighthouse

Two lighthouse keepers (Robert Pattinson and Willem Dafoe) fight each other for survival and sanity on a remote and mysterious New England island in the 1890s. From Robert Eggers, the visionary filmmaker behind horror masterpiece The Witch.

Illustrated movie poster for "The Little Shop of Horrors" featuring a carnivorous plant and two men.
 The Little Shop of Horrors
(1960) on IMDb

The Little Shop of Horrors

A clumsy florist grows a giant talking plant with a taste for human flesh. In order to whet his plant’s appetite, he is forced to kill, leading to horrific -and comedic- results. This film inspired the 1980’s musical of the same name.

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