Everyone Reads: Francesca Serritella

Francesca Serritella has co-authored several bestselling collections of essays and stories with her mother Lisa Scottoline. They write a weekly humor column in the Philadelphia Inquirer called Chick Wit. Her debut novel is titled Ghosts of Harvard.

Cartoon of a smiling man with a large mustache, short dark hair, wearing a teal jacket and a white turtleneck.
Marketing Coordinator
Book cover of "Pretty as a Picture" by Elizabeth Little, featuring red text over a grayscale background image.

Pretty as a Picture by Elizabeth Little

A shy but successful film editor takes a job under a notoriously demanding director before becoming embroiled in solving the case of a murdered teen on which the movie is based, an effort that is complicated by a dangerous saboteur.

Cover of the book "Euphoria" by Lily King, featuring a colorful abstract background and text highlighting its bestseller status.

Euphoria by Lily King

Frustrated by his research efforts and depressed over the death of his brothers, Andre Banson runs into two fellow anthropologists, a married couple, in 1930s New Guinea and begins a tumultuous relationship with them.

Cover of Lisa Scottoline's book "Someone Knows." A woman with red hair and a lake scene are depicted.

Someone Knows by Lisa Scottoline

Haunted by her role in a covered-up prank gone wrong twenty years earlier, Allie returns to her hometown for a friend’s funeral and resolves to uncover the truth.

Book cover of "The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt" by Edmund Morris showing a portrait of Theodore Roosevelt.

The Rise of Theodore Roosevelt by Edmund Morris

A new edition of the Pulitzer Prize and American Book Award-winning biography focuses on Theodore Roosevelt’s pre-presidential career, covering the period between 1858 to 1901, during which time Roosevelt built himself up from a frail asthmatic youth to a robust man with varied interests.

Book cover of "Dog Years: A Memoir" by Mark Doty, showing two dogs walking on a snowy street.

Dog Years by Mark Doty

A memoir of the author’s relationship with a pair of beloved canine companions is a tribute to their irrepressible personalities, their life-changing impact on the author and his family, and their role in how the author came to understand loss and grief.

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