Draft and Sew the Hanten Coat

A hanten coat is a Japanese style of short outerwear that is often padded or quilted and sewn with cotton fabric. Artist, author, and illustrator Sanae Ishida designed this modern version of a hanten with interestingly angled pockets, no padding or quilting, and a faux suede outer shell with a silky lining. Beginning with the front and back torso slopers that you can make in Sanae’s Torso Sloper Class, she’ll teach you how to make adjustments to your slopers to draft the coat pattern, prepare the pockets as well as a pleat for the coat lining, then sew together the outer shell and coat lining with a technique called bagging which also means you don’t have to finish any raw edges on your seams. This coat has no closures and can be worn by anyone, and the beauty of drafing your own pattern is that you can make your hanten just the way you like. Watch the compliments fly as you wear this coat out and proudly explain that you made it from start to finish.

Access the class beginning October 25th

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