Crochet the Reignbow Vest

Join designer, technical editor, and author Tian Connaughton and crochet The Reignbow Vest, a versatile, fast-to-crochet, and playful project. Begin by creating a swatch to determine correct gauge and fit, then work the vest in corner-to-corner (C2C) crochet while following a chart. The combination of C2C and alternating yarn colors creates a vibrant and dynamic pattern, and the vest is constructed simply with two identical panels seamed together. Easily add a keyhole detail in the back for an extra fun design element. If you’re familiar with crocheting stripes, you might assume you’d be dealing with many loose yarn ends, but Tian shows you her wink-wink secret for weaving in ends, along with some fun modifications in the pattern for a variety of looks

Access the class beginning May 15th

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