Crochet Ribbed Socks

If you have experience crocheting, you know that crocheted fabric stretches more lengthwise than vertically. The sideways construction of this ribbed sock takes advantage of that aspect for a stretchy and extra comfortable fit. Instructor Cal Patch is a clothing designer and author, and she demonstrates how her modular sock design can magically turn rectangular panels into a perfectly fitting sock. Begin with crocheting the body of the sock in ribbed rows, then work a heel in short rows, and finish with the toe in the round and a ribbed cuff. Cal teaches you how to properly measure your foot and where to adjust your crochet stitches for a sock that is unique to you. You can use any weight of yarn depending on the thickness of the fabric you prefer. There are so many fun yarn and color combinations to explore that once you crochet one sock, you won’t want to stop.

Access the class beginning September 6th

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