Black History Month 2024 on Kanopy

This February we celebrate Black History Month. Dive into the rich tapestry of Black history and culture through the lens of incredible narrative films and documentaries that explore the untold stories, remarkable achievements and heroes who’ve paved the way for change. To access the collection, go to

Jason Tyrrell
Kanopy General Manager
After Jackie (2022) on IMDb

After Jackie

The story of the second wave of Black baseball players after Jackie Robinson–such as Bill White, Curt Flood and Bob Gibson–who were up next in the fight for equality.

Becoming Frederick Douglass (2022) on IMDb

Becoming Frederick Douglass

Discover how a man born into slavery became one of the most influential voices for democracy U.S. history. A gifted writer and charismatic orator, it is estimated that more Americans heard Douglass speak than any other 19th-century figure — Black or white. Directed by Oscar®-nominated filmmaker Stanley Nelson and Nicole London, the film features the voice of actor Wendell Pierce as Douglass.

The Black Feminist Documentary (2019) on IMDb

Black Feminist

A lively and illuminating documentary that explores the double-edged sword of racial and gender oppression that Black women face in America. Frustrated by the lack of intersectionality in the women’s movement and the misogyny plaguing the Black liberation movement, filmmaker Zanah Thirus set out to shine a light on the complexities and power of Black feminism. Featuring interviews with a wide range of scholars, writers, business owners, veterans and comedians, the film lays bare the everyday lived experiences of Black Women everywhere.

Buffalo Soldiers Fighting on Two Fronts (2022) on IMDb

Buffalo Soldiers

The 14th Amendment promised citizenship in exchange for enlistment, prompting many African American men to do so. These “Buffalo Soldiers” participated in the subjugation of Native peoples and went up against Filipinos in the Spanish-American War. The film examines their role in U.S. history, how they fought in military conflicts abroad, and their civil rights struggles at home.

The Watermelon Woman (1996) on IMDb

The Watermelon Woman

The wry, incisive debut feature by Cheryl Dunye gave cinema something bracingly new and groundbreaking: a vibrant representation of Black lesbian identity by a Black lesbian filmmaker. Dunye stars as Cheryl, a video-store clerk and aspiring director whose interest in forgotten Black actresses leads her to investigate an obscure 1930s performer known as the Watermelon Woman, whose story proves to have surprising resonances with Cheryl’s own life as she navigates a new relationship.

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