7th Annual STEAM Fest

Sat, 04/06 from 1:00-4:00 pm

Bring the whole family to our 7th Annual STEAM Fest! We invited local area organizations to showcase some of the latest innovations in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math. Make sure to catch performances of “Science Heroes: Saving the Earth Together” at 1:30 pm and 3:00 pm.

STEAM Fest starts in…
2024/04/06 13:00:00
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The Chicago Area LEGO Users Group is comprised of some of the most talented LEGO users in Illinois. They will be bringing in some of their top tier creations to show what creativity and innovation truly look like!

The study of physics is concerned with the interactions of everything from the smallest particles known to occur in nature to the largest things found in nature: quarks, photons, atoms, galaxies, clusters and super clusters, and the universe itself. The Physics program at College of DuPage has three levels of study and will be here to demonstrate the magic of physics.

The sculptural process of welding requires knowledge of all the elements of STEAM! Join the College of DuPage to learn more about this trade and skill that over one million people nationally who currently use as part of their occupation.

DuPage Children’s Museum ignites the potential of all children to learn through hands-on exploration by integrating art, math, and science.

The Urban Stream Research Center (USRC) serves as the Forest Preserve District of DuPage’s facility for aquatic conservation programs and is the only facility of its kind in Illinois. Join Forest Preserve staff to learn about native freshwater mussels, the USRC’s role in the Aquatic Species Recovery Program, and to get hands-on with the technology used to propagate, count, and track lab-raised mussels for introduction back into local rivers and streams.

High Touch High Tech has been fueling the imagination of children everywhere, since 1994, by providing fun, interactive, hands-on science and nature experiences for children. Through discovery style learning and inquiry based dialogue, children are engaged in exciting programs that encourage them to explore the many wonders of science and nature. Students become the scientist and do real experiments

Illinois 4-H prepares youth to solve Illinois’ problems by producing the leaders, innovators, entrepreneurs, stewards, and builders we need. 4-H builds good leaders by giving them safe environments to practice all the skills needed to be successful leaders. Illinois 4-H knows that our very lives are inseparable from the health of our planet and work daily to save the world for this and future generations.

The Jurica-Suchy Nature Museum is a small natural history museum located on the second floor of the Michael and Kay Birck Hall of Science at Benedictine University. The museum represents the work of Fr. Hilary Jurica, O.S.B. and his brother, Fr. Edmund Jurica, O.S.B. who collected specimens for their students to use during their almost 100 combined years of teaching at Benedictine University.

Suburban Music is a local full-service music center that has been serving the community since 1996. You can find solo classes, group classes, and awesome rock band classes at their shop.