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Library Board of Trustees Information

The Library District is governed by a seven-member elected Board of Library Trustees.  Trustees serve for 6-year terms.  Elections are held at the Consolidated Election in April of odd-numbered years.  Monthly meetings are held on the third Thursday at 7pm in the Library Board Room. The powers and duties of Library Trustees are defined in State law, namely to adopt regulations, policies and resolutions for governing the Library and to have the exclusive control of the expenditures of all monies collected for the Library. The Library District levies property taxes to support library programs, services and building maintenance.

The Team Administrators administer and manage library services and maintain the building and grounds on behalf of the Board of Library Trustees.

Members of the Board

President: Constance Barreras
Vice President: Isabelle Baldwin
Secretary: Elizabeth A. Watson Minicz
Treasurer: Altha Milnes
Trustees: Linda Fagan, Mariann Evans, and Maria M. Rellinger


Meetings are scheduled for the third Thursday of the month, unless otherwise noted*. 


October 2013 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes

November 2013 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes
December 2013 Meeting Canceled Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List 
January 2014 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes
February 2014 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes
March 2014 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes
April 2014 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes

May 2014 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes

June 2014 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes

July 2014 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes

August 2014 | Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Budget and Appropriations OrdinanceMinutes
September 2014 | 
Agenda | Treasurer's Report | Bills Approval List | Minutes


Board Bylaws

Public Participation Policy

Notice of Availability of Audit Report for Fiscal Year 2011-2012

Open Meetings Act Compensation Posting



The library board may be contacted by email at: