South Pole Discovery: 100th Anniversary (December 14, 1911)

Fraser's penguins : a journey to the future in Antarctica
Fraser's penguins : a journey to the future in Antarctica. A dramatic three-decade report on the Adélie penguins reveals how rapid global warming in the western Antarctic Peninsula poses formidable challenges to their survival, in a Guggenheim fellowship-winning account that chronicles a memorable field season in Antarctica.
End of the earth : voyages to Antarctica / Peter Matthiessen. End of the earth : voyages to Antarctica. The author of The Snow Leopard recounts his voyage through the islands surrounding Antarctica, describing in lavish detail the wildlife he encountered as well as the region itself while sharing additional historical information about the pioneers and adventurers who preceded him.
Seals of the Antarctic / Sara Swan Miller. Seals of the Antarctic. Presents an introduction to the seals of Antarctica, discussing their physical characteristics, behaviors, reproductive habits, and predators, along with descriptions of such animals as the hungry crabeater seal, Ross seal, Weddell seal, and leopard seal.
The complete guide to Antarctic wildlife : birds and marine mammals of the Antarctic continent and the Southern Ocean / Hadoram Shirihai The complete guide to Antarctic wildlife. This is a fully updated new edition of the award-winning Complete Guide to Antarctic Wildlife, the most comprehensive and authoritative guide to the birds and marine mammals of the vast and beautiful Antarctic region. Covering Antarctica, the southern ocean, and the subantarctic islands, this unique guide illustrates all of the region's breeding birds and mammals with some 920 color photographs and illustrations, including 300 new photographs.
Planet Earth [sound recording] : music from the BBC TV series / music: George Fenton.
CD 1. From pole to pole. Prelude ; The journey of the sun ; Hunting dogs ; Elephants in the Okavango -- Caves. Diving into the darkness ; Stalactite gallery ; Bat hunt ; Discovering deer cave -- Freshwater. Angel Falls ; River predation ; Iquacu ; The snow geese -- Mountains. The Geladas ; The snow leopard ; The karakoram ; The earth's highest challenge -- Deserts. Desert winds: the locusts ; Fly catchers ; Namibia ; The lions and the oryx.
CD 2. Great plains. Plains high and low ; The wolf and the caribou ; Tibet (reprise): close -- Shallow seas: Surfing dolphins ; Dangerous landing ; Mother and calf: the great journey -- Jungles. The canopy: flying lemur ; Frog ballet: jungle falls ; The cordyceps ; Hunting chimps -- Seasonal forests. The redwoods ; Fledglings ; Seasonal change -- Ice worlds. Discovering Antarctica ; The humpback's bubblenet ; Everything leaves but the emperors ; The disappearing sea ice ; Lost in the storm -- Ocean deep. A school of five hundred ; Giant mantas ; Life near the surface ; The choice is ours.
The Endurance : history's greatest shipwreck / Rochelle Pennington and Nicholas Pennington. The Endurance : history's greatest shipwreck. Sir Ernest Shackleton and his crew make today's high tech adventurers look like dilettantes. Their interminable voyage across frozen land and open sea is one of the most harrowing survival stories of all time.