Rage Against the Dying by Becky Masterman

There are things ex-FBI agent Brigid Quinn wishes she could un-see.  Things that have affected her past relationships , so much so that she has completely hidden her career hunting serial killers from her new husband. She has done well keeping up that mask, until she receives a call informing her that her most frustrating case may now be solved. A suspect has confessed to being the Route 66 Killer, recounting details that were withheld from the public, details that could finally reveal the fate of Brigid’s protégée who disappeared while undercover seven years ago. Brigid finds herself back in the game when the current agent on the case tries to convince her that the confession is false and she begins to suspect that someone wants her dead.

Fast-paced and well-plotted, Rage Against the Dying is Masterman’s debut. Brigid Quinn is a snarky, tough character who happens to be a middle-aged woman (who can break your collarbone). Fans of Jeffery Deaver and Tess Gerritsen will enjoy this new thriller.