The Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman Book Review

Neil Gaiman is a one of the hottest authors around right now and he writes children's young adult, and adult books.  If you liked The Princess Bride (William Goldman) and/or Stardust (also by Gaiman) you will love this book. If you listen to the audio version you will be enchanted by author Gaiman's reading of his novel. His narrating is spectacular as an adult at the beginning of the story, then as a young lad of 7 as he tells his tale, and back again to real time as an adult. The story is about a man coming home to perform a eulogy for a family member and remembers his friendship with the Hempstock women: Lettie, her mother, and her grandmother and the magical intrigue that encompasses the storyline. Also in the story is a philandering father, an evil house guest with mystical powers, a trouble-making younger sister and a mother who is both physically and emotionally absent much of the time. This coming of age story is told in a myth, a fairy tale setting and is a must read for both adult and Young Adults.