Noor's Review of Dualed

Dualed by Elise Chapman

Dualed by Elsie Chapman is about a girl named on West Grayer who lives in the country of Kersh where everyone has a double. A duplicate. A genetic Alternate twin. The mission: eliminate your Alt within thirty days of when you receive your assignment. If not, you both die. Your twin doesn’t live with you, and you never meet them. So how do you know who they are? Well for starters, they have the same face as you.

The ultimate test: are you stronger than your Alt? Faster than your Alt? Braver than your Alt? Are you really worth living? But West Grayer knows that she is. In fact, she probably is the better of the twin. Although a tragic incident causes her to lose faith in herself and she decides to just run from her Alt. The days are counting down and the more West runs. So who will kill her first? Time, or her Alt?

Dualed is a very fast read and has lots of killing, suspense, and even a hint of romance within all of the chaos. There is love and loss and a destructive world where many are hurt and few are happy. I really enjoyed this book and I cannot wait for the sequel to come out soon.


Review by Noor