National Donut Day

Celebrate National Donut Day by relaxing with a cup of coffee, a pastry, and a volume of Jessica Beck's delightful Donut Shop Mysteries.  Each book features a donut recipe so you sample one of your own creations.

Glazed murder / Jessica Beck

1.Glazed Murder
Fatally frosted / Jessica Beck 2. Fatally Frosted
Sinister sprinkles : a donut shop mystery / Jessica Beck 3. Sinister Sprinkles
Evil ́éclairs / Jessica Beck 4. Evil Eclairs
Tragic toppings / Jessica Beck 5. Tragic Toppings
Killer Crullers : a Donut Shop Mystery / Jessica Beck 6.  Killer Crullers
Drop dead chocolate / Jessica Beck 7. Drop Dead Chocolate
Powdered peril : a donut shop mystery / Jessica Beck 8. Powdered Peril
Illegally iced / Jessica Beck 9. Illegally Iced