Movie Review of Breaking Dawn Part 2

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

The Young Adult Librarian and two other librarians saw Breaking Dawn Part 2 on opening day. We all agreed that it was the best installment in the series, and that the special effects have improved since the first movie.

Overall I thought the actors embodied the characters well. Lee Pace as Garrett was an especially entertaining edition, and the teenage girls behind us liked what he did with the role. The "twist" towards the end was quite a shock and elicited a strong reaction in the audience. The very end of the movie and the end credits gave the Twilight fans a lovely closure to the series.

I did not like the special effects with Renesmee as a baby. The tried to get the baby to look like the young actress who plays who throughout most of the movie, and it was jarring.

L. "The opening title sequence was epic."

J. "Excellent movie..."

- nb