March Bestsellers

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Another piece of my heart / Jane Green

Another piece of my heart / Jane Green

Marrying a divorced father of two, Andi finds herself struggling to gain her stepdaughters' acceptance while preserving family peace in the face of daily dramas and competitions for her husband's attention that challenge everything she once believed about love, family and parenting

Betrayal : a novel / Danielle Steel

Betrayal : a novel / Danielle Steel

Her idyllic life shattered by her handsome boyfriend's infidelity, renowned movie director Tallie Jones also discovers that one of her closest associates has been stealing from her for years, a situation that compels her to partner with a dashing FBI agent to identify a hidden enemy.

Elegy for Eddie : A Maisie Dobbs Novel

Elegy for Eddie : A Maisie Dobbs Novel / Jacqueline Winspear

When Eddie Pettit's death is ruled an accident by the police, friends and neighbors believe that this gently soul who had a special way with horses was murdered and Maine Dobbs, determined to do right by Eddie, searches for the truth amid the working-class of Lambeth.

Fall from Grace
Fall from Grace / Richard North Patterson

Attending the funeral of his estranged father and encountering an estate of complicated legal and financial arrangements, CIA operative Adam Blaine embarks on a search for his father's killer that implicates members of his own family and reveals astonishing secrets
Force of Nature

Force of Nature / C. J. Box

Having hidden the truth about a past colleague's violation, former Special Forces agent Nate Romanowski is targeted by a determined killer who threatens Joe Pickett's life as part of a violent plot.

Guilty wives / James Patterson

Guilty wives / James Patterson

The vacation of a lifetime in Monte Carlo turns into a hellish nightmare when best friends Abbie, Winnie, Serena and Bryah are arrested aboard an unfamiliar yacht and accused of an unthinkable crime.

Poison flower : a Jane Whitefield novel / Thomas Perry

Poison flower : a Jane Whitefield novel / Thomas Perry

Protecting a man wrongly charged with the murder of his wife, Jane Whitefield is shot and abducted by the real culprits, who threaten to kill her if she does not reveal her client's whereabouts.

Stay Close

Stay Close / Harlan Coben

A bored suburban wife, a documentary photographer-turned-paparazzo, and a detective who cannot let go of a cold case hide secrets from their loved ones only to have the past return in dangerous ways.

The Thief

The Thief / Clive Cussler

When a scientist he recently rescued from kidnappers is murdered, private investigator Isaac Bell discovers that a ruthless agent wants the scientist's secret new invention in order to exploit it to seize power for Germany.

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