Light Between Oceans by M. L. Stedman Book Review

This is a beautifully written book, with strong characters but a very slow plot line. While the narrative is slow it is full of much emotion, thoughts, and is deeply moving. Tom recently returned from the battlefield horrors of WWI takes his new wife Isabel to Janus, a remote port where he maintains the lighthouse. Alone, except for each other, they try to start a family, but Isabel loses child after child and in the desperate time after the still birth of her 3rd child, they discover a boat washed up on the rocky shore. In it is a dead man, and a baby who Isabel is convinced is a sign from God. She begs him to keep the child, while Tom struggles with the best course of action. Helping his distraught wife become a mother, or to make things right by reporting the situation? What happens when joy for some becomes heart-ache for others?
Though they are alone on the island for much of the book, there are some memorable characters who seem real and well rounded, and have their own particular characteristics. The

information in this debut novel by London attorney M. L. Stedman is very interesting, and led me to do research on lighthouses.
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