Hobbitses is coming. Yes they is, my precioussss

In two days, Peter Jackson's monumental The Hobbit...part 1 arrives on your local movie screens. If you're completely disgusted by the naked cash grab that Jackson and the studio are perpetuating by dividing a 300-odd page children's book into three lo-o-o-ong feature films, here are some other suggestions for  you to get your fantasy fix. Heck, even if you can't wait for 8 hours or so of Hobbiting over the next two years, we still recommend these:


The Lord of the Rings

Yes, Peter Jackson's triumphal visualization of J.R.R. Tolkien's masterwork was also realized in three very long movies, but they were based upon 3 books! Some 1500 pages compared to the Hobbit's 300. And those books were written for an adult audience. Bottom line: these movies are tremendous, we've got them in DVD and Blu-Ray. See them again or for the first time.

Hobbit animated movie

We've got the Hobbit movie!

Okay, it's the animated TV movie from 1977. No CGI dragon, but it's the whole story in only 78 minutes and it features the voice of Brother Theodore as Gollum!

Who's Brother Theodore, you ask? Look below: