Great crime novels you may have missed

Iron house / John Hart

Iron house / John Hart

Two decades after a pair of orphaned brothers are separated when one of them flees after a murder accusation, the runaway brother, now a seasoned killer, returns to North Carolina to protect his brother and solve the mystery of their past.

Midnight Alley

Midnight alley : an Ash Levine novel / Miles Corwin

After two black men, one of them the son of a councilman critical of the Los Angeles police, are found dead in Venice, California, Ash Levine, a top detective in the LAPD, must sort through the Russian mafia, war veterans, and Middle East archeologists to find the killer.

Poison flower

Poison flower : a Jane Whitefield novel / Thomas Perry

Protecting a man wrongly charged with the murder of his wife, Jane Whitefield is shot and abducted by the real culprits, who threaten to kill her if she does not reveal her client's whereabouts.


Ranchero / Rick Gavin

Attacked by a belligerent man who steals an important car and flees with a television that was being repossessed, Nick Reid and his best friend, Desmond, pursue the man and find themselves on the trail of a notorious meth producer.

Red means run : a novel

Red means run : a novel / Brad Smith

A debut installment in a new series introduces jack-of-all-trades Virgil Cain, who is wrongly implicated in the murder of an unscrupulous New York criminal attorney responsible for the acquittal of a man who killed Virgil's wife.

Sister : a novel

Sister : a novel / Rosamund Lupton

Refusing to believe that her pregnant mercurial artist sister committed suicide, Beatrice begins an obsessive search for the truth and is dismissed by her family and authorities until she closes in on murderous predator.

Digital book

Turn of mind

Turn of mind / Alice Laplante

Implicated in the murder of her best friend, Jennifer White, a brilliant retired surgeon with dementia, struggles with fractured memories of their complex relationship and wonders if she actually committed the crime, a question also asked by her grown children and live-in caretaker.

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