For Fans of the Gallagher Girls

The fifth book in the Gallagher Series Out of Sight, Out of Time was released yesterday. Regular readers of this blog might have seen the compilation of tweets of my reading reactions.  If you are on the hold list for the new book or have already read it, here are some other reading suggestions.

Y.S. Lee books

The Agency Series by Y.S. Lee

Mary Quinn is saved from the gallows and trained to be a spy at a special school for girls.

Kiki Strike Books by Kirsten Miller

Kiki Strike Series by Kirstnen Miller

Ananka meets the mysterious Kiki Strike who gathers a group of girls to aid her in  secret missions.

Spy Goddess Series by Michael Spradlin

Spy Goddess Books by Michael Spradlin

Rachel is sent to the Blackthorn Academy where she becomes entangled in a case of international espionage.

Spy High Series by A.J. Butcher

Spy High Series by A.J. Butcher

Students at a special high school are trained to be spies.

Squad by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

The Squad by Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Toby, a computer hacker, is asked to join the cheerleading squad which is really an elite group of government operatives.


- nb