Compiled Tweets of Reading Reactions to The Indigo Spell

(Preparations for my day off reading The Indigo Spell by Richelle Mead. Copy of the book, a paczki, indigo colored nail polish so my fingers can match the book and a white chocolate mocha)

I took the day off to read The Indigo Spell. I was eagerly anticipating the book since completing The Golden Lily. I tweeted my reactions to the book on the library's Twitter. Here is a list of those non-spoilery tweets.


Painted my nails with Indigo Night polish in honor of the book release. #IndigoSpell
Had paczki and white chocolate mocha. Ready to read. Bring on Sydrian. #indigospell
Previously read first two chapters online. #indigospell
p7 Sydney in denial part one. #indigospell
p13-14 Setting up this book's big bad. #indigospell
p18 Side effects of the bond. #indigospell
p23 Adrian!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #indigospell
p23 Fate? Or was some compulsion involved? #indigospell
p25 Oh, Adrian. I would do a crossword puzzle with you. #indigospell
Chapter 3 - on to stuff I haven't read before. #indigospell
p35 Another alchemist from Last Sacrifice. Things could get awkward. #indigospell
p42 This person could make things more interesting. #indigospell
p43 More familiar faces from VA. #indigospell
p47 Does this person suspect? #indigospell
p53 Trust Adrian to do something like this. #indigospell
p73 The rest of the gang is finally present. #indigospell
p82 How very Bathory. #indigospell
p103 Finally Marcus Finch. I hope there is no love triangle. I hate love triangles. #indigospell
p116 Something tells me that these guys will not be friends any time soon. #indigospell
p141 The return of Jet Steele. #indigospell
Want to win  The Golden Lily? Head over to our FaceBook page for Trivia Tuesday. Winner must be able to pick it up in person. #indigospell
p156 I now want to go to Chuck E. Cheese or Enchanted Castle. #indigospell
p177 - Trust me you will like this page. #indigospell
p186 It is always amusing when Jill channels Adrian. #indigospell
p201 Oh, Sydney. You can sure think up excuses. #indigospell
p212 The first appearance of Pies and Stuff. I have been waiting for it. #indigospell
p212 I would eat any of these pies. #indigospell
p232 I really hope this means no love triangle. #indigospell
p236 Adrian seduction advice #indigospell
p243 Another good page to go back and re-read over and over again. #indigospell
p261 Too sweet. #indigospell
p265 Sydney has come a long, long way from book one. #indigospell
p268 Sydney is just so clueless sometimes. #indigospell
p292 Sydney puts Adrian's advice into practice. #indigospell
p308 Sydney, how scandalous. Two buttons.
p336-> More pages to re-read over and over again.#indigospell
p344 Sydney, stop thinking. #indigospell
p380 Very astute MW. #indgospell
p389 Yay!!!!!! #indigospell
p393 Awwww. #indigospell
p399 Uh, oh. #indigospell
p401 The End. Time to go back and re-read p.243 and p366. #indigopell
Now we only have until November 19 for The Fiery Heart. I should put in a time off request. #indigospell
- nb