Compiled Tweets - Reactions to Reading City of Lost Souls

City of Lost Souls by Cassandra Clare

The fifth book in the Mortal Instruments series came out today. Here is the Young Adult Librarian's reactions to reading this book.


  • YA Librarian has her copy of City of Lost Souls. Getting ready to read&tweet. #CoLS
  • Place your hold on City of Lost Souls now! #CoLS
  • Starting the book. Read the beginning online already. #CoLS
  • p2 Poor Simon. #CoLS
  • p4 "Jace is gone...." #CoLS
  • Trying not to read the end. #CoLS
  • p28 Finally to parts I haven't read online prior to publication. #CoLS
  • p29 Planning on going to the Seelie Court. At least someone remembers last time. #CoLS
  • p46 "So your inner vampire is Magnus?" #CoLS
  • p56 Wasn't expecting that. #CoLS
  • p56 Jace!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #CoLS
  • I still picture a younger Alex Pettyfer, but Benjamin Stone will do. #CoLS
  • p78 Let's see what Alec will do with that info. #CoLS
  • p89 Jace & Clary. I have a feeling this won't be a happy reunion. #CoLS
  • p138 "Your plans are suicidal at best." So true, Simon. So true. #CoLS
  • p162 Hey, that quote was also in Anna and the French Kiss. #CoLS
  • p209 "Nerd Love. It is a beautiful thing...." #CoLS
  • p222 Maia, never say stuff like that in a Mortal Instruments novel. #CoLS
  • p282 Wandering Prague. The YA librarian will be in that city in exactly one month. #CoLS
  • Half-way through. #CoLS
  • p303 Simon has a plan. #CoLS
  • p371 Kind of eww #CoLS
  • p393 "It's me." #CoLS
  • p411 Part 3. I don't know how much more I can take.
  • P420 Oh, Clary. Did your curls affect your brain? #CoLS
  • p464 "We could lose everything." Things are not looking so good. #CoLS
  • p491 Considering there is a another book. She better not have done what I think she just did @cassieclare #CoLS
  • p525 “Our problems really aren’t like other people’s problems.” Again, so true. #CoLS
  • p526 @cassieclare This is going a little to overboard with the obstacles in the path. #CoLS
  • p534 The End. I cannot wait until 2014. The world better not end before the end of this series. #CoLS
  • Got my copy from Barnes&Noble, so there is an extra letter. Will read that now. #CoLS
  • Target copy has a special bonus story with Alec & Camille. You might win this copy if you come to the Shadowhunter Celebration unite #CoLS

The book was angstier than I would like. I prefer Jace spouting quips than evil intentions. It really sets up the final book.

- nb