Compiled Tweets of Perfect Scoundrels Reading Reactions

Perfect Scoundrels by Ally Carter

The YA Librarian spent a few hours reading Perfect Scoundrels and tweeting her reactions as she read. Here are the compiled tweets:

Let the reading commence. #perfectscoundrels
p3 Kat&Hale (Kale?) flashback alert! #perfectscoundrels
p5 The Superman pajamas make an appearance. #perfectscoundrels
p14 "There was a tango." #perfectscoundrels
p35 Scooter? #perfectscoundrels
p38 I am kind of mad at Hale even under the circumstances. #perfectscoundrels
p65 I like Gabrielle more and more with each book. #perfectscoundrels
p67 "Besides, everything is better with Bagshaws." #perfectscoundrels
p77 I love the names for the cons and the glimpses of what they entail. #perfectscoundrels
p81 Basil E. Frankweiler reference! #perfectscoundrels
p118 I don't like this development. #perfectscoundrels
p148-9 Finally. #perfectscoundrels
p155 "These days I only re-steal."  I sense a heist coming. #perfectscoundrels
Hong Kong to Paris in just a few pages. #perfectscoundrels
p208 "No more emeralds." I like the continued call backs to previous books. #perfectscoundrels
p229 "Oh, sweetheart, you are your mother's daughter." #perfectscoundrels I want a story about BB and Kat's mom. @OfficiallyAlly
p234 Shirtless Hale!!!!! #perfectscoundrels
p240 I enjoy a good goat reference. #perfectscoundrels
p303 This better not be what it seems. #perfectscoundrels
p318 Actually didn't see that one coming. #perfectscoundrels
p328 The End. I love when I don't have to throw the book across the room. #perfectscoundrels
Mini Review:
I was a little worried when I read the description and learned about the possibility of Hale leaving Kat. I should have known better and trusted Ally Carter more. A great addition to the series and a fun fast-paced read.
- nb