Compiled Non-Spoilery Tweets of Reactions to City of Heavenly Fire

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare


Getting ready to read & tweet City of Heavenly Fire. Trying to find the proper has tag. Going with #CoHF as it has less letters.

p3 Setting up the new series? #CoHF

p27 Jace!!!!! #CoHF

p34 A moment where you can really see the friendship. #CoHF

p45 The best place to buy a Shadowhunter a gift. #CoHF

p47 "It smells like heartbreak in here." #CoHF

p114 Wasn't expecting this? #CoHF

p133 No!!!!!!!!!!!! #CoHF

p 184 A possible solution. #CoHF

p222 "The pajamas of vengeance." I need a pair. #CoHF

p232 That explains that. #CoHF

p248 Taking a break to run errands. Very intriguing spot to stop. #CoHF

The teen librarian is back to tweet more no-spoiler reactions to City of Heavenly Fire. #CoHF

p255 Dinner with faeries. This can't end well. #CoHF

p351 This can't be good. #CoHF

p369 Have made it to Part II of the book. #CoHF

p439 Parabatai bromance. #CoHF

p495 I am not sure what just happened. #CoHF

p528 Surprised that this is happening so early in the book. #CoHF

p582 That's really not good. #CoHF

p607 Yes!!!!!! #CoHF

p621 Not so sweet family reunion. #CoHF

p627 Tears. #CoHF

p635 More tears. I can't take it. #CoHF

p681 Made it to the epilogue after many tears shed. #CoHF

p722 Foreshadowing of things to come in the new series? #CoHF

p725 The End? #CoHF

Brief review:
A fitting end to the series. Events directly affecting the original Mortal Instruments characters were tied up. I did shed some tears. Some of the book was setting up the Dark Artifices. I think those parts could have been shorter.