Compiled Non-Spoiler Tweets for United We Spy

United We Spy by Ally Carter

The Young Adult Librarian spent the last two hours reading the final Gallagher Girls book and tweeting her reactions. Here are the compiled tweets:


p1 Excited to start but sad that this is the last one. #UnitedWeSpy

p7 Cammie's college visit was quite different from my own visits.#UnitedWeSpy

p14 "It's already begun." What has? #UnitedWeSpy

p46 This meeting is probably natural, but I am sensing something ominous in the future. #UnitedWeSpy

p52-53 Some very good spy advice. #UnitedWeSpy

p83 So a few page ago we got shirtless Preston, but still no Zach. I need a Zach appearance. #UnitedWeSpy

p86 Zach!!!! #UnitedWeSpy

p99 "I am really, really good at being knocked unconscious. I have a lot of experience with that." #UnitedWeSpy

p127 Getting some answers. #UnitedWeSpy

p172 That was unexpected. #UnitedWeSpy

p205 Zach & bacon. A delightful & possibly deadly combination. #UnitedWeSpy

p233 I knew that had been important. #UnitedWeSpy

p236 Ooooooh. Did not see that coming. #UnitedWeSpy

p293 The End #UnitedWeSpy

Those in grades 4-8 can come to Spy School on 9/26. Registration begins 9/19. #UnitedWeSpy @OfficiallyAlly

- nb