BookTalkers' Reviews of The Thief Lord Movie

The Thief Lord DVD

The BookTalkers, a teen volunteer group, watched the DVD of The Thief Lord. Here are their reviews:

Alina's Review -

The Thief Lord was an interesting movie because kids who don’t have parents and all become like a team and steal things for money to prove that they don’t need adults, they are kind-of each other’s family in a way. They are asked to steal a wing that is a part of a carousel ride that can make you younger or older, your choice. The children find out that their “leader” has a father who won’t allow him to be his own person. So the kids work on their own to find this wing because the person who’s asking for it is willing to pay them a lot of money. I really enjoyed the movie.

Alyssa's Review -

The Thief Lord Is A Very Intresting Book And Movie. The Genre Is Mystery Because Two Kids Run Away After Their Parents Die And They Must Stay With Their
Aunt And Uncle. They End Up Meeting A Group Of Kids And End Up Being Friends. At The Middle Of The Movie There is An Unexpected Twist. I Would Rate This Movie From One To Ten Probably A Ten Because There Are Mysteries. If You Were To Watch This You Were To Watch The Movie It Is Likely That You Would Like It. The Reason I Like This Movie Is Because It Shows Teamwork And How Friends Will Always Be There.

Mustafa's Review -

The Thief Lord Movie Review:

While most movies and books are different from each other The Thief Lord does a good job of maintaining the similarities and details that were from the book. It was action-packed mainly like the book and was a good movie. The movie was fantastic and closely captured the events from the book and it was very interesting to watch. This is a good movie and will entertain you thoroughly. The Thief Lord will entertain you and make all your characters from the book come to life and thrill you in this funny movie.