Book Review of Sisterland by Curtis Sittenfeld

The reason I chose this book is twofold. I loved the cover, and I was looking for an audio book that was available on MyMediaMall since I wanted to start a new one. I was pleasantly surprised, the book was really, really good.

I loved the narrator, Rebecca Lowman, who narrated another book I had listened to, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, and she has a lovely speaking voice. Looking on the site I see that she has narrated quite a few books. Try one, she's very good.  Here's a link to her titles.

The book itself had a great story to it. It involves two twins who have grown up in a dysfunctional family and now in their late 20's have created quite different paths for themselves. Daisy (now known as Kate) is a wife and mother, Violet is single and has recently become a lesbian. What they do have in common is their senses: ESP ability that Vi has embraced, and Kate strives to ignore.

Very good listen, well recommended.