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The Closer

Are you hooked on the TNT TV series The Closer?  Kyra Sedgwick plays Deputy Police Chief Brenda Leigh Johnson who heads up the Major Crimes Division of the Los Angeles Police Department.  Brenda always closes her case though her methods are often questionable.  Even though she is under investigation by Internal Affairs, she is determined to keep doing her job.  Here are some things to look at while you are waiting for all new episodes in November.

For Fans of They Might be Giants

They Might be Giants will be in concert Friday Sept. 23rd at the Vic Theater in Chicago.

If you can't  get tix but still want to enjoy this off beat band check out the TMBG CD collection here at the library.

There are even some CDs for the little ones. 

Can't make it to the library right away? Enjoy this playlist from Spotify  in the meantime.



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