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Hobbitses is coming. Yes they is, my precioussss

In two days, Peter Jackson's monumental The Hobbit...part 1 arrives on your local movie screens. If you're completely disgusted by the naked cash grab that Jackson and the studio are perpetuating by dividing a 300-odd page children's book into three lo-o-o-ong feature films, here are some other suggestions for  you to get your fantasy fix. Heck, even if you can't wait for 8 hours or so of Hobbiting over the next two years, we still recommend these:

Jack Reacher movie

Jack Reacher, the film based on Lee Child’s thriller One Shot hits theaters on December 21st. Tom Cruise stars as the title hero (whether fans like it or not) in Christopher McQuarrie’s second directorial effort. Try these books and movies available at GPLD while you wait:

New features in Office 2013

With MS Office 2013 scheduled for general release in the first half of next year, it's useful to look at some new features. First of all, the look of the whole suite gets a makeover to align it stylistically and functionally with Windows 8. That includes new color-coded start screens and touchscreen functionality, although according to Helen Bradley in October's PC World, the touch interface works better on tablets than on large touchscreen monitors.

High points of the new version include:

Mark Twain

Mark Twain was born on November 30, 1835.  Check out one of these books or DVD's to celebrate his birthday.


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