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WHAT'S NEW WEDNESDAY! The Bootlegger by Clive Cussler

The bootlegger by Clilve Cussler The Bootlegger by Clive Cussler
Rumrunners and bootleggers, Pierce-Arrows and Packards, corrupt cops, gangs and Communists. You won’t be able to stop reading the 7th volume in Clive Cussler’s popular Prohibition era Isaac Bell series


Book Review: Cell by Robin Cook

George Wilson is just beginning his fourth year as a radiology resident, and also just beginning to come to terms with the sudden death of his fiancée a few months earlier. Dr.

FLASH FICTION Private L.A. / James Patterson

Private L. A.
James Patterson's latest Jack Morgan novel just came out this week.  
Here are a couple of books to check out while you wait for your turn:
Broken Prey

Broken prey / John Sandford

After a series of killings that disturbingly emulate the works of a trio of inmates currently being held at the Minnesota Security Hospital, Lucas Davenport investigates a missing man who was released from the hospital weeks earlier.

The cold moon : a Lincoln Rhyme novel

The cold moon : a Lincoln Rhyme novel / Jeffery Deaver

In the aftermath of two brutal New York City murders, quadriplegic detective Lincoln Rhyme and his team work doggedly to prevent additional killings by a time-obsessed serial murderer, while Amelia Sachs tackles her first solitary homicide case and discovers disturbing truths that threaten her partnership with Rhyme.

Got the look / James Grippando

Got the look / James Grippando

After his girlfriend is kidnapped, Miami attorney Jack Swyteck discovers that she is married to a wealthy man who has received a ransom demand, pitting Jack against a killer who is so fiendishly clever that even Jack may have met his match.

FLASH FICTION - Aloha, lady blue

Aloha, lady blue : a mystery / Charles Memminger Aloha, lady blue : a mystery / Charles Memminger
Escape from the snow and travel to Hawaii where Stryker McBride is searching for the grandmother of a former classmate.  This humorous mystery will make you will feel like you left Chicago's winter far behind.